One of the first things I did when I moved to New Haven in the fall of 2014 was to sign up for races. I enjoy running, but due to time constraints, I usually do so in the early morning on nearly empty roads. Races are an opportunity to run with enthusiasts of all genders, ages and sizes. They are also a great way of learning the geography of a new town.

This is my third year running the New Haven Road Race. The first time I ran, I was following the crowd and hoping that I wouldn’t get lost. By the second, not only did I know where I was going, I knew the best place to get a post-run breakfast (the Pantry on Mechanic Street). Today, I ran through my neighborhood.

I’ve also become a better runner, which is pretty gratifying. I’ve made some real improvements to my time over the last three years (and have run progressively longer distances when running alone).

Faxon Law New Haven Road Race 
Year Overall Overall w/in age group (30-39) Time  Time (net) Time per mile 
2015 292/3062 29/179 22:00 22:29 7:15
2016 256/2655 26/154 21:33 21:55 7:04
2017 156/2736 15/150 21:00 20:42 6:46

Next Year: 20K!

August 2017 Runs 

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