A Brief FAQ.

What is this for?

Welcome to between errors, where I expand Funnybook Babylon’s ‘tough love to comics’ mission to all culture (well, the culture that I actually have time to consume). We can celebrate pop art while being honest about its shortcomings. We can also explore the deeper meaning of culture without forgetting to embrace its occasional silliness.

Who are you?

I’m Jamaal. I’m a cofounder of Funnybook Babylon, a blog about comics. I like to write about the things that I love, even when they are infuriating.

I’m a lawyer, planner and writer who helps ensure that members of the Yale community have an equal opportunity to succeed in school and in the workplace. Before that, I helped non-profits develop and sustain programs that improve outcomes for at-risk populations and provided the legal support that enhanced their capacity to deliver effective services. I also provide legal advice and guidance to start-up firms in the New York City area.

I’m a lifetime New Yorker (born and raised in Brooklyn) who’s a recent New Haven transplant.

Most importantly, I’m the husband of an amazing woman and father to a great toddler.

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