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Highlights from a visit to the Yale Art Gallery on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

I loved everything, but the surreal Tu m’ and La boite de pandore resonated in my imagination. Rene Magritte’s La boite de pandore (Pandora’s Box) feels like the beginning of a beautiful nightmare, a mystery that can never be solved. Marcel Duchamp’s Tu m’ is a stunning work that is a reminder that even realism is an illusion. If you’re ever in the New Haven area, you should take the time to see them in person – the image below doesn’t capture its scope.

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  1. Marcel Duchamp – Tu m’
  2. Max Ernst – Papillons 
  3. Max Ernst – Paris Reve 
  4. Max Beckmann – Abend auf der Terrasse 
  5. Oskar Kokoschka – View of the Thames from the Vickers Building, Millbank 
  6. Rene Magritte – La boite de pandore (Pandora’s Box)
  7. Pablo Picasso – Dog and Cock 
  8. Jean Metzinger – Nature Morte
  9. Fernand Leger – Composition VII 
  10. Auguste Lepere – La Rue Galande